Outside Perception

Outside Perception

You can have the best internal reality in the world, but if an outsider looking at you for the first time doesn’t get that message, you’ve probably just lost a potential customer. It really is that simple. If there is no balance between how excellent you are and what you look like to the average person, you are not attracting new clientele. When there is a disconnect between how well you do something and what someone sees when they look at you, your website or your storefront, you’ve got a money-losing gap. It’s not your fault by the way; you already have your area of expertise. The good news is that Strongvine’s area of expertise is in helping hardworking people just like you close that gap. At Strongvine we understand that you want results for your efforts; otherwise, what is the point, right? We also know that a lot of people are working so hard to do a good job that they forget to let the world know just how great they are. This is where we can help. We’ll come to you with a fresh eye to develop an outward image that truly reflects your expertise.

Like you, we are results-oriented, and like you, we believe your efforts should be rewarded. We do not believe one size fits all when it comes to design. We’ll take the time to learn what makes you unique and then the Strongvine team will develop a strategic plan that presents the best possible ‘you’ to the outside word. It only takes a few seconds for potential customers to move on. We want to help you hold their attention long enough to make them a paying client!

So, whether you need a video for your website, a new sign for your storefront or you don’t know where to start, give us a chance to show you what we do best – get you the results you deserve!

I Don't Have an Internal Reality... Yet!

Ok, this may feel like a scary place to be. You have an idea, but that’s about it. And without customers, you know your idea can go the way of the dodo bird very fast. The gap between your idea and generating paying customers is so wide you don’t know where to begin. But you know you have a good idea.

Have you heard that expression, “Build it and they will come” or “Just act as if”? Both of these statements are basically saying the same thing. Sometimes we need to just take that leap of faith, believing things will work out. And it is true, believing in yourself is paramount. Especially if you have naysayers around you telling you it will never work. Whether they speak from experience or not is irrelevant. No one but you can know how things will turn out and if Strongvine has any part to play in it, chances are you’ll be sending those naysayers running in no time flat!

At Strongvine we believe that to succeed often just means to follow through. You don’t have to be a success to become a success. You don’t need millions in the bank before you can follow your entrepreneurial dream; you just need customers who believe in your expertise. So although it may be a bit scary to start out, having the right image/outward perception – one that legitimizes what you have to offer – gives you a very real chance to see results from the get-go because you have hit the ground running.

So no matter if you are just starting out or if you think it is time to close the gap between your internal reality and outside perception, contact us. Strongvine Visual Communications wants you to be the best you can be and we know we have what it takes to get you there!

A Story About Outside Perception

A few years ago, a member of the Strongvine team, let’s call her Monica, reluctantly gave Cleopatra Laser Med a try. She was hesitant to even open the front door because her outside perception of the place did not match their internal reality at all. The signage was hard to read, the website was outdated, and their logo did not reflect the quality of what they did. Had CLM not been highly recommended by a trusted friend, Monica says she would not even have opened their door!

However, because Monica’s friend was so adamant that Cleopatra Laser Med Specialists were the best in their field, she did open that door, and she is glad she did. The internal reality of Cleopatra Laser Med made it clear, Monica had definitely come to the right place. She was greeted by a pleasant and helpful receptionist, she sat in an absolutely gorgeous waiting room, (it even has a waterfall) and she had a treatment delivered by a professional that quickly put all of her anxieties at ease.

So, you see this story has a happy ending, but only because Monica was willing to venture beyond the outward image of CLM. The question is how many potential clients did not enter that door based on their perception of the place. Of course we can’t know the answer to that, but it seems pretty clear that the outside appearance of Cleopatra Laser Med was not drawing potential customers in.

You see, Cleopatra Laser Med had put so much energy into doing what they do so well—making people look great – they forgot their business needed to look good, as well. It is somewhat ironic when you think about the business they are in, but they are not alone. Sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees.

At Strongvine our specialty is seeing the whole picture. We can sit down with you, learn about what you do, and then create an image that tells the world just how amazing you are. If you don’t believe us, check out Cleopatra Laser Med’s new image, and then contact us. At Strongvine Visual Communications we’re going to help you put your best face forward, too!

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