Make sure to choose the right Ottawa Graphic Design client

All designers know that locating the right clients who will appreciate your work is more than half the challenge. It’s too often that something you’ve created with your hard sweat and tears gets shot down, and no Google search in Ottawa will welcome it into the credible award winning results. So what’s a graphic designer or website developer to do?

It’s about graphic design results

It all comes down to figuring out what the client truly likes, dislikes and their personal viewing habits. It’s really hard to make your point when it comes to the truth regarding the clients internal reality versus the  outside perception of the business. People purchase and trust based on perception and as the story goes if it smells bad then the chances are it is bad. Ottawa businesses have a little bit of a restrictive personality when it comes to new methods for websites and graphics, so it’s up to you as the designer to inform them you will bring them the results they are looking for.

Stick to your Graphic Design guns

Clients need to be pushed in the right direction at times and if you’re not feeling the creative freedom to help then it may be a good idea to re-evaluate the risk vs reward. I have personally been in situations that made me so uncomfortable that I felt like I was re-educating and consulting more then actually doing the work. We need to be confident in the processes that we use and we need to be a little stubborn when it comes to sticking to our guns.


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The next time you’re thinking about the right client think about this. Will I really make money from this client and more importantly will I feel good about my work when the project is over. A design dictator is not the client you may be looking for.

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